3D Website Templates & 3D Flash Templates

3D animation gives depth and originality, makes it more dynamic and exciting. That's why we created 3D flash and 3d website templates, they are for you our customers. Interactive animation turn regular site into something completely different, interesting to the users. To create our template, we use two types of animation: 3D graphics (sequence of images) and special scripts that create 3D effect. A sequence of images is a specially rendered animation of objects, most often it's changes and appearance of pages or other thematic objects. This effect is realistic because a sequence of images was developed in special programs like 3D MAX, Particle Illusion, After Effects. Scripts allows animate images or objects so that it seems as if it's in 3D plane. Most often templates are interactive, they calculate mouse coordinates and depending on this place necessary lelements in the right positions. This kind of animation allows users not only watch but also participate in the animation.