CSS Templates for dynamic website animation

CSS templates are websites made by div coding. It's new technology. Many years ago was table coding. It;s was not so good, coding was hard and on editing of text and styles spend more times.
CSS templates use as a basic div element (conteiner, box) with spesific classes. In external file there are styles for appropriate class and if you need to change for example color of all links you easy can do it in one place and modification will apply for all site.
Dynamic CSS templates allows animation of website without javascript. This is basical but still, it's make site more dynamic. Most major browsers now support this feature. Main advantage of CSS website is that site load quicker and you straight can see beautiful design without sharp jumps. Dynamic CSS templates are also support responsive design. The main idea is for each screen resolution we provide different styles. For large screens we make text and images smaller and for small (mobile devices, tablets) we resize images and make text more readable for users. Responsive design makes navigation throught site more comfortable.
Now CSS coding is a standart type of any our website templates. Using such technology makes site more light weight and loading of page is decreased. It's also makes it more SEO friendly - rendering of the page more understandable for search engines. And the main goal that customization and editing is very simple, styles of text and blocks more sorted and can be changed just in few steps.

189 templates found, page 1 of 7
189 templates found, page 1 of 7