Frequently Asked Questions

How and when I will receive template?
After you complete the payment you will receive the instructions for downloading the product. We will send instructions on email that you used for purchase.
I ordered a template but haven't received the download instructions.
You will receive a download instructions after confirmation of payment. If you haven't received an email for a long time please contact us via support chat or contact form.
Is it possible to reactivate or get new download link?
Yes. Please contact us and we will send you new download link.
What about installation of template. How much does it cost?
We will upload and install any template to our hosting partner and activate it absolutely FREE!
What about hosting for template. Do you provide free web hosting?
Yes, of course. We provide free web hosting for all our customers. Please visit Free Hosting page for more information!
What software do you recommend for editing HTML?
We recommend you Sublime Text. We use this program for creation of template. It's simple and free!
How can I modify flash section of the template?
We provide dynamic flash templates, photo and video galleries that can be easily modified via any text editor. But if you still want to make changes in structure of flash template you need to use Macromedia Flash program to edit the template.
Is it possible to use templates to develop websites for my customers?
Yes, you can! It's great for designers who want to offer their customers a high-quality website and also save time and money.
Will you help me to edit my template?
We provide you a variety of sources to help you with customizing. Use our tutorials to get the basic knowledge about any template.
Anyway, you can always try our contact form or Online Support Chat to get qualified assistance from our support team.
We provide comfortable Ticket System for faster solution of any problem!