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HTML5 gallery templates are best choise for cool photographers and people who have a lot of beautiful photos and videos and want quick and easy organize them. We offer beautiful, functional design and ease of use. HTML5 photo and video galleries are complete HTML5 templates with photo and video sections. You doesn't need MySQL and PhPMyAdmin. All data are stored in the js file.

Photo section. All images goes with a description. Lightbox that opens enlarged photo or video has multiple design and is equipped with all navigation buttons for slideshow. With our admin you can upload large image and not worry about how it will be displayed on the small screen. Big picture will be stretched depending screen resolution. There is a special button if the user wants to view original photo.

Video section. All video would be open in a beautiful multimedia Lightbox. It allows you to view flash (swf), YouTube, Vimeo, Quicktime video. You don't need to store large videos on your web hosting. Upload preview image, insert link to video and write a description. Your video is ready for viewing. If you navigate site via phone or gadget than you can control video using standard buttons of your device.

All photo and video galleries are unlimited, you can add any number of categories and elements. Lightbox displays the current photo or video category. Admin is very simple and convenient. It allows you easily add or edit categories and elements, manually sort or specify where to add new elements in the beginning or at the end. Try our products and see how it is easy to organize your photos and videos. These products are suitable not only for photographers but also for all who want to share with their works. In addition, you get a complete website, where you can tell about yourself, services and prices. HTML5 template with photo and video section is very effective solution!

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37 templates found, page 1 of 2