Dynamic HTML5 Templates

HTML5 it is a completely new document format. These products are made using CSS3 coding, javascript and jQuery. HTML5 is the way of the future! Previously, in order to attract visitors, people tried to make websites more dynamic, beautiful, unique, best. For this purpose they used flash sites and flash animations. But time passes and things changes. Appeared new products: mobile devices and gadgets. But web browsers encounter a problem. Many awesome devices are not supported or bad (slow) work with a flash. Therefore It was decided to make a completely new, standardized format that will work on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile devices, tablets. Therefore html5 appeared and still under development. We offer best dynamic html5 templates. In addition to the unique design we want to say a few words about advantages of our products:

1) Usually, the entire website is a single html document. It is made for quick editing and customization, so now in one place you can change logos, slogans and buttons. Page changes occurs without reloading the site.
2) You can add an unlimited number of pages! By default website consists of a main page and 6 - 8 subpages. Each page made in different layouts. You can select the desired layout and use it to create page that you want. It's very easy to add subpage and you can add any number of them.
3) All dynamic html5 templatess are made using div, CSS and CSS3 coding. This allows you easily edit in one place styles of the entire site. With CSS it's easy and intuitive understand where and what you need to change or add. When we developed best templates we used new html5 elements and SEO optimization.
4) Dynamic animation. All animation made via javascript, jQuery and CSS3. Our programmers specially developed optimized scripts for animation and change pages. Each html5 template is unique and has a beautiful effects.
5) Special plug-ins, scripts, and elements can be easily edited. All sliders, slideshows, photo and video galleries are unlimited, you can easily add additional elements.
6) All html5 website templates are accompanied by music. Usually it is one repeated song or beautiful player with playlist if it's a music site. There are different controls to control the music, and if the site is played on mobile device then music can be managed with the standard buttons of your gadget.
7) Working contact form. We provide dynamic html5 templates with ready to use contact form . Simply edit your email address.

264 templates found, page 1 of 9
264 templates found, page 1 of 9